Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pi class Initiaton

The Cortland chapter would like to congratulate the Pi class, who were initiated on April 8. These new members are full of potential and we expect much from them. Already, Jake Ritz and Scott Liuzzo got elected for Rush chairmen, and Joe Florio for Member at Large.
On April 20, the gentlemen of Delta Chi were participating in a philanthropy kickball event for Sigma Delta Tau. All money raised went to helping prevent child abuse. There were lots of laughs, and fun to be had at this great event.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

RLC 2013

March 22nd marked an exciting weekend for Delta chi. Scott Audette, Michael Beale, Timothy Melendez, Richard Kompf and alumni Adam Fetterly attended the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC). RLC was an important experience for these five, and the rest of the chapter. The schedule included informational presentations, and group activities with other chapters of Delta Chi. They were paired with the SUNY Adelphi chapter of Delta Chi, a newly established chapter. They were able to help them out with their developing chapter. Scott Audette was glad that “the experience we have so far was actually benefiting another chapter”. Adam Fetterly was glad that he was “able to give my knowledge” to help other members.
Saturday, Head of Ritual, Gregg Hauser went over the initiation ritual, an “found the smallest details for improvement” claimed Scott. Saturday night, the group played in a Delta Chi dodge ball tournament. The fact that they did not have anything to change into did not stop them. They won the tournament in their suits, and we had $500 dollars donated to Jimmy V in our name. Congratulations guys. Richard Kompf boldly claims, “We are clearly the most athletic Delta Chi in the region, and probably the country”.
Sunday morning, we received an award for outstanding philanthropy and new Head Regent Ron Martin was elected. He was elected to take Dave Weber's place, who had been in that position for over 30 years. Talk about dedication. In the words of Michael Beale, “Overall, I'd say it was a great learning experience...We got a different perspective from people who eat sleep and breathe Delta Chi”. Adam Fetterly proclaimed, “It was a good experience for the younger guys, and it was enjoyable for me to see them learn new things”. When interviewed, brother Timothy Melendez had no words, he was rendered speechless by awesomeness of this experience.
The next week we had a mini golf philanthropy event with Sigma Delta Tau, a sorority on campus. We played mini golf together, and over $400 was donated to our philanthropies. Philanthropy chairman Mike Fontana arranged this event. “We had a great time”, said Mike. According to Matthew Simons, “It was a great event to cooperate with another Greek organization to raise money for our philanthropies”. We look forward to hosting another event with SDT or other Greek organizations. We hope that the rest of the spring continues to be as eventful as it's start.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Update

The third week in February was an exciting week for the members of Delta Chi. The week started off strong on Sunday with the Pi class pinning. Congratulations to our nine new associate members. These associate members are full of potential; they have been selected because they hold the integrity and loyalty that is required to be called a Delta Chi.
The week ended with Chillibration on Saturday, a community festival in downtown Cortland. Our members helped with setup and clean up and made balloon animals for the local children. Chillibration also hosted the polar pie eating contest. Jonathan Rydlewski proudly displayed Delta Chi excellence by winning the contest, having eaten a total of 17 frozen pancakes. Chillibration has proven that not only are the members of Delta Chi eager to help out the community, but also, they can sure as hell eat a crap load of frozen pancakes. Congratulations to all members for another successful and exciting week!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Xi Class Initiation

Delta Chi Cortland chapter would like to congratulate the Xi Class on their initiation into the Delta Chi Brotherhood.  It has been a long road but all the hard work will soon pay off.  However, your journey in the brotherhood of Delta Chi has just begun.  Being a part of the Delta Chi brotherhood is not just about being part of an organization throughout college.  Being part of the Delta Chi brotherhood is a life long commitment that can provide you with many benefits.  However, what you get out of Delta Chi is determined by what you put into it.  Please take this time to really think about why you wanted to join Delta Chi and what it is you want Delta Chi to provide to you.  As a newly initiated brother, everything in the greek system is quite new to you, but soon you will realize that joining Delta Chi was one of the best decisions you ever made.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Xi Class Pinning

The Delta Chi Fraternity is proud to announce the pinning of eight new associate members. We look forward to witnessing the Xi class go through the associate member process and becoming full members of the Delta Chi Cortland Chapter. Congratulations to the eight new associate members... Born Proud Raised Proud.

Michael Beale 
Public Relations Chair

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alumni Update

This past weekend we had community service events including helping the YWCA and chill-a-bration. At chillabration we took pictures and made balloon animals for the local children. Greg Laneri took home the trophy for eating the most frozen pancakes. A special thanks to Cameron Barnett (the Leadership Consultant), Jeff Brink (BB), Derek Bruce, Jake Martinko, Michael Mcgovern, and Flynn Hill for visiting this past weekend. Tyler Donnelly and Darren Fraser are hard at work collaborating on the newsletter. Please don't forget to send them information you would like to be included in the Alumni Highlights section. Also don't forget to RSVP to the 5 year banquet through Diego Segura ASAP. Next weekend will be spring break however we will be sending a couple members to the Regional Leadership Conference. We also just started registering for to keep track of alumni and increase communication. Watch out for the email to register to and more alumni updates.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rush Video

Alumni Highlights

Dear Alumni,

I would like to start working on our upcoming newsletter, since we haven't had one in a long time. One of the articles I would like to include is an Alumni Highlights page(s). In order to do this I would like to know more about what each alumni is currently doing. I would like all alumni who wish to be included to email me at a short paragraph(s) about their current life. Please limit this to one page and include careers since graduation, major at SUNY Cortland, Year graduated, future plans, etc. Please limit to serious information since this will be read by alumni and current members. I know it is hard to take time out of your busy schedules but it will be greatly appreciated if you do so. You must have the email into me by Sunday February 26 to be included in the newsletter. Thank You.

Darren Fraser
Current "C" 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Five Year Banquet

 The five year banquet will officially be April 28th. We just wanted to give everyone a heads up that its all set and to reserve that date. If people could email Diego Segura their addresses that would be great because we want to send out invites this week. If you have questions please contact Diego at  917-386-3367. Thank you